What is a Smile Makeover?

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A smile makeover is designed to simultaneously address multiple cosmetic or structural dental imperfections. Cracks, chips, fractures, stains, gaps, and uneven teeth alignment can make our smiles look unhealthy or prematurely aged. By voicing your unique concerns to one of our experienced cosmetic dentists during the consultation process, your smile makeover can be custom-tailored to meet your needs and expectations.

Procedures that are often combined to achieve a smile makeover include:

Porcelain veneers can be used to cover and conceal small tooth imperfections such as cracks, chips, or gaps. Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign® or Six Month Smiles® can straighten the teeth, improving occlusion and providing a healthy appearance. Finally, teeth whitening procedures can remove stains and brighten your teeth for a vibrant, polished aesthetic. Our dentists take into account the shape of your face and the dimensions of your teeth when designing your smile makeover to make sure the results complement the overall harmony of your facial features. When combined, these procedures can rejuvenate your smile with long-lasting, brilliant results. To learn more about smile makeovers, or to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists, please contact us today.