Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles®

Providing New Jersey with straighter teeth in six months!

With Six Month Smiles®, you can straighten your teeth more quickly, comfortably, and discreetly. This innovative new technique utilizes clear braces to gently move your teeth into a more desirable position in only about six months. Our cosmetic dentists at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey can help you beautifully renew the appearance of your smile with this advanced procedure.

What is Six Month Smiles®?

While traditional braces are often very effective at straightening the teeth and improving misalignment issues, the fact is that they have some significant drawbacks. For one, metal braces are extraordinarily visible on your teeth, and can make people feel self-conscious when they smile. For another, they can be very uncomfortable inside the mouth. Plus, traditional braces typically stay on for at least a year, and even two years, in many cases. The good news is, Six Month Smiles® clear braces treatment is designed to reduce that time by roughly half. These state-of-the-art braces are also much less noticeable on the teeth, and are typically more comfortable to wear than the braces of the past.

What are the benefits of Six Month Smiles®?

Some of the benefits of Six Month Smiles® treatments include:

  • The braces are clear and the wires are colored to blend in with your natural teeth
  • The braces use less force while repositioning your teeth
  • It usually takes only about six months to achieve the desired results – compared to a year or more with traditional braces
  • Six Months Smiles® is often less expensive than other orthodontic techniques
  • Six Month Smiles® can correct issues such as severe teeth crowding, gaps, spaces, misalignment, and more

One of our experienced dentists, either Dr. Edward Romano, Dr. Robert Bizzarro, or Dr. Kathleen Dunn, will meet with you for a consultation to answer your questions and help you determine if Six Month Smiles® is the right option for your needs.

Six Month Smiles® vs. Invisalign®

Six Month Smiles® and Invisalign® are both advanced orthodontic systems designed to straighten teeth discreetly, prompting many patients to wonder how these two cosmetic treatments differ. While both methods of tooth alignment can achieve an individual’s orthodontic goals faster—and with less inconvenience—than metal braces, the primary distinctions lie in how each technique works to straighten teeth and which concerns they can respectively correct. Invisalign® works through a series of clear, removable aligners. As you progress to each new set of aligners, which usually occurs after a period of two weeks, your teeth are moved little by little into the correct positioning. Furthermore, the aligners are removed when eating and cleaning the teeth, typically allowing an unobtrusive approach to achieving both straight teeth and a proper bite.

In contrast, treatment with Six Month Smiles® involves the use of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires for braces that are non-removable, yet virtually invisible. The gentle force applied by the braces works to straighten teeth quickly and efficiently, with most patients completing treatment in about half the time of more traditional techniques. While Invisalign® can correct an array of malocclusion (poor bite) cases, such as underbites, crossbites, open bites, and overbites, the best candidates for Six Month Smiles® treatment experience crowding, spacing, or bite concerns exclusive to the front teeth. The patients at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey have achieved beautiful results with both of these systems, and the right choice for you ultimately depends on your needs and goals for treatment. Our dentists can work with you to find the best orthodontic solution based on your unique preferences and concerns.

The Six Month Smiles® Procedure

The wires used in Six Month Smiles® clear braces are tooth-colored and made from biocompatible nickel titanium, which can ultimately move your teeth into a better position more quickly. Once the braces are placed onto your teeth, they will begin to gently shift your teeth using a very low amount of force. There is no additional risk of root damage with Six Month Smiles® braces. Once the optimal results have been achieved, typically after about six months, the braces can be removed. Patients will need to wear a retainer after treatment to maintain the teeth’s new and straighter position.

How Much Does Six Month Smiles® Cost?

A primary benefit of Six Month Smiles® is that treatment may be more economical than traditional braces and other teeth-straightening systems. The average price of Six Month Smiles® can be as little as $3,900, although your ultimate expense will depend on:

  • The extent of your orthodontic concerns
  • Applicable insurance coverage
  • Whether both the upper and lower dental arches require treatment

Once our cosmetic dentists evaluate your oral structures and gain a sense of your unique needs, a member of our team will be able to provide you with a personalized quote. Our dental financing options can make your treatment expenses more manageable, with CareCredit® allowing qualified candidates to pay in small installments, rather than a lump sum upfront. As one of the nation’s most trusted healthcare lending companies, CareCredit® offers a variety of low- to no-interest payment plans so approved patients can straighten their teeth while accommodating any budgetary concerns. If you would like to learn more about the cost of Six Month Smiles®, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation, please contact our practice today.

Six Month Smiles® is one of the most advanced orthodontic procedures to come along in quite some time. With this advanced procedure, you can achieve successful results more comfortably and in much less time!