Green Dentistry

When it comes to providing the highest caliber of oral health services and cosmetic dental treatment, Drs. Romano and Bizzarro strive to make their practice as environmentally-conscious and sustainable as possible. Our Morristown dentists believe offering exceptional dental care with cognizance of the procedural techniques most beneficial to patient health and the environment should be treated as a necessity, rather than a luxury. With treatments and technology designed to remain prudent to individual safety, as well as the Earth’s natural resources, Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey offers green approaches to modern dentistry that can provide patients with optimal results, while minimizing potentially harmful effects to the surrounding ecosystem.

In order to maintain high standards of environmental responsibility, some ways in which we operate a green practice include:

  • Digital radiography: This advanced X-ray imaging technology produces higher-quality images with up to 90 percent less radiation exposure to patients when compared to traditional X-rays. Images are processed digitally, eliminating the handling and disposal of chemicals from film X-rays that can be environmentally harmful.
  • Mercury-free composite fillings: Unlike amalgam tooth fillings, which are marked by their metallic exterior, our composite fillings do not expose patients to harmful mercury contact. Further, composite material is tooth-colored to blend in with enamel and preserves more of the original tooth structure than amalgam.
  • iTero™: iTero™ is a digital impression-taking technology that minimizes waste while creating more accurate and comfortable restorations when compared to tray molds. Impressions for porcelain crowns, veneers, and dental bridges can now be crafted digitally with iTero™, eliminating the need for messy pastes and adhesives. This decreases the amount of waste produced by our practice and provides patients with a more comfortable treatment experience.

Holistic Care

At Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey, our compassionate team of doctors and professionals believe our patients’ oral and overall health are largely interrelated. Operating from a health and wellness perspective, Drs. Romano and Bizzarro have extensive knowledge about the relationship between dental and periodontal concerns and bodily health. Through their experience, they have found that oral disease and structural tooth decay often have a causal relationship to other symptoms throughout the body that may be negatively impacting a patient’s quality of living. In an effort to provide individuals with comprehensive, integrated care that truly promotes their well-being, we offer advanced dental treatments for sleep apneaTMJ Disorder, headaches and migraines, teeth-grinding, and many other options that take the oral health/general health connection into account. Our team is happy to offer a wide range of support for our patients. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to raise them with our doctors.

To learn more about the holistic and environmentally-friendly methods our practice utilizes, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.