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If your smile is marred by broken, damaged, or missing teeth, there is hope. Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey provides patients in the Morristown area and throughout Morris County, NJ with implant dentistry, dental crowns, dental bridges, and other sophisticated treatments that can repair damage to the teeth and restore the smile’s beauty and functionality. Our dentists, our on-site periodontist, and our entire dental team will work to give you the healthy smile you deserve.

Implant Dentistry

When a patient is missing a tooth (or several teeth), we often recommend implant dentistry, one of the most advanced tooth-replacement options available. Dental implants work by anchoring artificial replacement teeth (dentures, crowns, and bridges) directly to the jawbone. Unlike tooth-supported restorations, they do not slip or slide, so patients can enjoy incredible self-confidence, laughing, speaking, and eating without having to worry about an unstable artificial tooth. The primary benefit of implant dentistry in the context of restorative dentistry is that it allows a dentist to completely restore functionality to the tooth. Implant-supported restorations look and feel indistinguishable from natural teeth and, often, a patient is able to enjoy oral functionality as good as or better than it was before the tooth was lost.

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Dental Implants Cost

Our dentists believe that every patient seeking a tooth replacement should be afforded the functional and aesthetic benefits of dental implants, which are unsurpassed in quality as well as longevity of the outcome. To make it easier for individuals to manage the cost of dental implants, our practice works with highly reputable healthcare lending companies to accommodate the needs of our diverse range of patients. Dental financing with CareCredit® and Citi Health® offers a number of flexible payment plans, many of which include interest-free options for qualified applicants.

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Dental Crowns

When a tooth is cracked, broken, chipped, or badly decayed, a dental crown may be the best solution. A dental crown is used to protect and cover a damaged tooth to restore its functionality. Crowns can also be used to cover dental implants or to cover a tooth after root canal therapy. When appropriate, Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey provides beautiful porcelain crowns that look so realistic that we can use them in cosmetic dentistry for a smile makeover. To craft crowns, we use iTero™ technology, an advanced piece of equipment that eliminates the need for messy trays and provides an incredibly comfortable fit. For more information on reconstructive dentistry with dental crowns, contact our Morris County, New Jersey office today.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are one of the more common tooth-replacement options. Bridges have the advantage of being an attractive yet relatively inexpensive option for replacing a missing tooth (or a few missing teeth). Bridges anchor an artificial tooth between the surrounding natural teeth, restoring the patient’s oral functionality. Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey utilizes iTero™ technology for bridge placement, which makes being fitted for a bridge incredibly quick and comfortable. If you are considering tooth-replacement with dental bridges, contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Implant Supported Dentures

If you are seeking a better solution than traditional dentures to replace most or all of your missing teeth, our dentists may be able to help you attain a secure, natural-looking, and comfortable restoration with implant dentures. Unlike a prosthesis that is attached to your mouth using an adhesive or fastening paste, this technique uses dental implants to root your dentures into the gumline. This can provide a more accurate denture fit as well as enhanced security for your restoration, reducing the incidence of gum irritation and slippage. Furthermore, implant dentures can improve biting function and make it easier to chew tougher foods, in addition to a wider range of foods. With no extra maintenance besides daily oral hygiene habits required to keep them in good condition, implant dentures can serve as an excellent upgrade from traditional dentures.

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To learn more about having your smile rejuvenated with reconstructive dentistry, contact Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey in Morristown, serving the Morris County, NJ area. We provide implant dentistry and other options to give patients the smiles they deserve.

I recently had 2 office visits, the office staff is extremely professional and the dental assistants were on point with all my needs. Someone who hates shots of novacane, I can tell you I never even felt a pinch, absolutely amazing !!! The Dentists always making sure you are comfortable which is extremely important, you don’t want to just sit in a chair and let the dentist just work, it is nice to see that ASNJ wants you to enjoy your experience……Thank you for everything ASNJ

james bate

November 28, 2017


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