What Are the Side Effects of Sedation Dentistry?

Patients who suffer from severe dental phobia or anxiety can overcome their fears, feel completely at ease in the dentist’s chair, and receive the dental care they need with sedation dentistry. The benefits of sedation dentistry have helped many of our patients achieve a more beautiful smile and maintain their oral health. However, many new patients wonder if there are any risks involved with sedation dentistry.

With oral conscious sedation, patients take a small pill just prior to their visit, allowing them to feel completely relaxed for the duration of their procedure. Our dentists will carefully review each patient’s medical history to make sure this medication does not interfere with any medication the patient may be currently taking. With IV sedation, a sedative is intravenously administered to achieve an even deeper state of relaxation. In addition, our visiting board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Glen Atlas, will carefully monitor each patient’s vital signs for the duration of the procedure to further ensure their safety.

Common side effects of sedation dentistry may include lingering drowsiness for a few hours after the procedure, lightheadedness, dry mouth, or a mild headache. These side effects typically dissipate quickly, though our dentists recommend patients who choose sedation dentistry arrange for a friend or a loved one to drive them home from their appointment. Some patients may not be ideal candidates for sedation. During your initial consultation, our dentists can determine if sedation dentistry is an appropriate option for you.