What Are My Treatment Options for Gum Recession?


Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options for gum recession available from our experienced in-house periodontist, Dr. Benjamin Greenstein, and the rest of our team here at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey. When periodontal disease causes gum tissue to recede around a tooth or teeth, it’s very important to have the problem treated sooner rather than later. The reason for this is because gum recession becomes more and more severe as it progresses, and can ultimately lead to loss of the affected teeth. In addition, gum disease has been linked to overall health risks such as heart disease and stroke, so early treatment becomes even more essential.

If you are diagnosed as being in the early stages of gum recession, you may not need some of the more invasive treatment techniques to improve the condition. A deep cleaning (scaling and root planing), plus a commitment to a more thorough oral hygiene routine may be all that’s necessary for some patients who have mild cases of gum recession. For more severe stages, gum grafting surgery may be necessary. This involves the removal of a small section of tissue from another area of your mouth to be transplanted in the area of the receding gum. This treatment can improve the health of your gums in the affected area and cover exposed tooth roots, which can ultimately enhance the appearance of your gums. Our periodontist is skilled with a number of advanced treatments and will be happy to discuss your options with you.

The best treatment for gum recession typically depends on the cause of the condition in each individual patient. Once your teeth and gums have been evaluated, we will create a customized treatment plan designed to restore the health of your gums and save your teeth from further harm.