The Benefits Of Adult Sealants: Cavity Insurance

dentalOur cosmetic dentist, Dr. Edward Romano, discusses the benefits of tooth sealants to prevent cavities.

Most people tend to associate tooth sealants with children and early cavity prevention, but the practical use of tooth sealants does not diminish as patients age. In actuality, as we age, our immune systems and our diets often change, potentially raising the risk for cavities. One fact is certain: pits and fissures on the surface of teeth are prone to decay – and sealants for adults can fill in these pits and fissures to prevent future complications.

I understand that it may be difficult for some of my older patients who have never had a cavity to see the utility in having sealants after living so many years cavity-free. However, I look at adult sealants as an insurance policy for the teeth. A tooth that is sealed should not get a cavity on the tooth surface for about ten years, as long as the sealant does not become damaged. In the long run, sealants may save patients a good deal of money. A tooth sealant costs $50 whereas a filling may cost $200. In addition, adult tooth sealants are quick, pain-free procedures that do not require any drilling.

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