Sedation Dentistry Techniques to Ease the Anxious Mind

In our last blog entry, we discussed the prevalence of dental anxieties and touched a bit upon treatments designed to alleviate those anxieties. Here at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey, Dr. Edward Romano and his team of experienced dentists offer a number of advanced sedation dentistry techniques that can take away your fears and give you a relaxed, even pleasant, treatment experience.

One of the most effective sedation dentistry options is I-V sedation. This method has been used in dentistry for decades, and is often recommended for patients who suffer extreme dental anxiety. Before the procedure, you will be given a sedative via an intravenous injection. You will then fall completely asleep, and will therefore not be exposed to any of the sights, sounds, or sensations of your treatment. A board-certified anesthesiologist is present during the procedure to monitor your vital signs and ensure your safety while you are sedated.

For patients who would rather not go the I-V sedation route, there is another option that has quickly gained in popularity over the last few years: oral conscious sedation. This technique utilizes a small pill taken about one hour before your treatment. After the pill begins taking effect, you should start feeling very, very relaxed. In fact, you’ll likely be so relaxed that you may even fall into a light sleep. However, you will not lose consciousness or the ability to communicate with our dental team during treatment. A member of our staff will monitor you throughout the procedure to make sure everything is running smoothly. While it doesn’t put you into a deep sleep, oral conscious sedation does cause a feeling of such tranquil relaxation that you may not even remember the procedure has taken place once it is complete.

The doctors at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey want to make you as comfortable as possible during your treatment, and we believe that dental anxiety should never be allowed to stand in the way of achieving necessary dental care. That’s why we offer some of the latest “sleep dentistry” techniques available. We can help you face your dental fear, and conquer it!

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