Hidden Consequences of Losing Teeth

Whether you have lived with missing teeth for years or have lost a tooth from a sudden impact, the absence of a tooth root in the gumline can pose several concerns— not only to your appearance, but also to your oral and general health. Besides the obvious aesthetic consequence of a gap in your smile, one or several missing teeth can create a domino effect on your surrounding oral structures.

In general, losing one or more teeth without securing a replacement can eventually lead to:

  • The shifting of surrounding teeth: Absent spaces within your dental arches can cause surrounding teeth to loosen and change position, potentially compromising a straight smile and proper bite alignment.
  • Bone loss and gum recession: Without a tooth root to stimulate the jawbone and gum tissue, your oral structures can deteriorate. This often causes substantial oral health problems in the future, such as the inability to support a tooth replacement and a higher risk of gum disease as well as infection. In general, the longer a missing space in your dental arches remains unfilled, the more bone loss and gum recession is experienced.
  • Changes in your facial shape: A gradual recession of the jawbone may change the lower portion of your face by shortening the distance between your nose and mouth, resulting in an aged look and the loss of a “full-cheek” appearance.
  • A higher risk of heart disease and other health problems: Because missing teeth affect the ability to bite and carry a higher risk of gum disease, tooth loss has been linked to high cholesterol levels, diabetes, increased blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

We understand that losing teeth can be worrisome, but the latest reconstructive dentistry techniques have made the process of replacing a missing tooth with a natural-looking and fully functional restoration more seamless than ever. From dental bridges to implant dentures, our compassionate, experienced team of periodontists, oral surgeons, and cosmetic dentists are well-equipped to create the best replacement for your needs.

Designed to behave like a natural tooth root, a custom-made dental implant topped with a lifelike dental crown can be an excellent way to restore the full integrity of your smile. With a success rate of roughly 95 percent, patients often forget they have a dental implant after treatment due to its striking resemblance to a natural tooth.

If you have any questions about the dental implant process, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Romano, Dr. Bizzarro, or Dr. Dunn, please contact our practice today.