Facing and Conquering Fear of the Dentist

9018342-sedation1Do you have dental anxiety? If so, you are not alone. It’s estimated that as many as 50 percent of Americans have some level of fear when faced with the prospect of dental treatment. In fact, many people have dental anxiety that is so extreme they won’t go to the dentist at all. This can be a serious problem because, without the necessary treatment, minor dental conditions can become major concerns, ultimately leading to extreme pain, tooth loss, gum disease, and even overall health issues. Here’s the good news: there are a variety of sedation dentistry techniques available here at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey that can significantly alleviate dental anxiety and help you attain a comfortable, even relaxing, treatment experience.

Before we talk about options that can help you face your fears, let’s try and identify the roots of those fears. Dental anxiety often occurs due to the following:

  • Fear of needles and dental treatments in general
  • Discomfort with the sounds and/or the appearance of dental instruments
  • Discomfort with the tastes associated with dental treatments
  • Sensitivity of teeth and gums
  • Fear of how long the treatment will last
  • General nervousness

It’s important to remember that dental anxiety is extraordinarily common. But, it’s also important to remember that fear of the dentist does not have to keep you from receiving the dental work you may need – or, at the very least, a routine checkup to make sure everything’s okay. With sedation dentistry techniques (also known as sleep dentistry), our experienced dentists can make extra sure that you have the most comfortable procedure possible. I-V sedation will put you completely to sleep during dental treatment, so you won’t even know it’s happening; however, we also offer oral conscious sedation, which involves the taking of a small pill before the procedure. With this method, you are conscious during the treatment, but you are in such an extreme state of relaxation that you may not even remember the procedure taking place once it’s finished.

In our next blog, we will explore your sedation dentistry options in more detail and discuss how life-changing these treatments can be for patients affected by severe dental anxiety. Contact Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey today for more information, or to schedule an appointment.