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New Jersey Dentist Discusses Ways to Eliminate Dental Fears and Anxieties

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Dr. Edward Romano with Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey talks about advanced sedation dentistry techniques to help conquer a problem that has plagued people for generations: fear of the dentist.

Morristown, NJ
– As much as 50 percent of the population in America has been said to have some degree of dental anxiety, and many people do not attain necessary dental care because of it. Dr. Edward Romano, dentist in Morristown, New Jersey, wants to change that. The doctor says, with new technologies and techniques adopted by more and more dentists every day, dental fears can not only be reduced – they can be conquered.

In a recent blog entry on Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey’s website titled “Facing and Conquering Fear of the Dentist,” Dr. Romano talks about some of the dangers of letting dental anxiety overcome one’s need for treatment. While many people have understandable reasons to be anxious – fear of needles and long treatment times, teeth and gum sensitivity, discomfort with sights, sounds, and sensations of dental treatment – the doctors say succumbing to dental anxiety can make minor dental problems much worse, endangering a person’s oral health and perhaps even their health in general. However, Dr. Romano notes, sedation dentistry options, also known as sleep dentistry, offer a way to help patients completely relax and even enjoy a dental treatment.

In a follow-up blog post called “Sedation Dentistry Techniques to Ease the Anxious Mind,” Dr. Romano discusses options such as I-V sedation and oral conscious sedation. With I-V sedation, the patient is given intravenous sedation and is placed into a deep sleep throughout the entire procedure – unaware of anything that is going on during treatment. The dentist says this technique is often very effective for patients who suffer from extreme fear of dental treatment. On the other hand, he notes that oral conscious sedation is becoming a very popular alternative to which many patients have responded very well. Oral conscious sedation involves taking a pill about one hour before the procedure. The pill will give the patient a feeling of extraordinary relaxation, possibly even allowing them to enter into a light sleep. With this technique, the patient is not unconscious and is able to communicate with the dentist; however, they should be so relaxed during treatment that they will likely not even remember it’s taken place until it’s over.

For both I-V and oral conscious sedation treatments, the doctor says the patient is monitored at all times to ensure their safety. He also advises that patients who opt for sedation dentistry be sure to have someone available to drive them to and from the practice since it will take some time for the effects to wear off.

Dr. Romano says nobody should have to risk pain, the loss of teeth, or worse consequences simply because they suffer from dental anxiety. With sedation dentistry, the doctors believe dental fears can be conquered and patients can achieve and maintain healthy and beautiful smiles.

About Edward A. Romano, DDS
Dr. Romano has been a sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry for nearly 20 years. He is also a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and many other organizations. He has been a practicing dentist for more than two decades. Dr. Romano serves as an attending dentist at Morristown Memorial Hospital in addition to his duties as President of Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey, his private practice. A graduate of the Georgetown University School of Dentistry, Dr. Romano has been featured in a variety of media programs and stories on outlets such as CNN, NBC, and MSNBC. Dr. Romano and team of dentists at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey offer cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and reconstructive dental care options. Dr. Romano is available for interview upon request.

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